So…What really is Tencil?

Tencil’s aim is to ensure that young adults from all backgrounds are given opportunities to excel in their professional careers. Hailing from a working-class background in Wales myself, Tencil was born out of the need to both provide opportunities to talented yet undiscovered young adults and to provide a […]

Tencil Talks: Elliot MacNay

Elliot Macnay is the UK Sales Director at Zeotap and leads the demand sales side of the business for brands and agencies.  Zeotap is a customer intelligence platform that helps brands understand more about their existing customers to deliver more personalised marketing.  Elliot has ten years Sales experience […]

Tencil Talks: Paul Gubbins

Paul Gubbins is a senior member of the digital marketing industry. Paul has 17 years in sales & strategic BD across the likes of Pubmatic, The Daily Telegraph, Reuters, Verizon, and more recently the video AdTech company Unruly. Throughout his career, he has been employee number one at […]

Tencil Talks: Francesca Gold

In light of the recent COVID 19 outbreak and the UK on lockdown, we’ve decided to catch up with a talented member of the digital marketing industry.  Francesca Gold is a 23-year-old Brand Strategist working at Adyoulike.  Adyoulike are a global leader in Native Advertising. Launched in 2011, […]

Tencil Talks: Shanil Chande

As we wait for the storm to blow over, we have decided to catch up with Shanil Chande, Head of Agency Sales UK at TabMo. Hawk by TabMo is a programmatic advertising platform which uses Device ID (mobile) data to execute strategies across a number of channels with […]

Tencil Talks: Daniel Carroll

Dan Carroll is a 26 year old Account Manager working at OMD EMEA. Dan leads digital marketing operations for FootLocker and Tourism Ireland out of OMD EMEA’s office in King’s cross. Having left Loughborough University, Dan first worked at Bravr Digital Media, followed by ThreePipe and finally OMD […]

“Tencil was created with the aim of helping young adults learn more about the digital marketing industry”

Tencil was started in early 2020 by Joel Williams, 23. Hailing from Carmarthenshire, West Wales, and having just started his career in London, Joel was inspired by his mother (assistant head-teacher) and his uncle (digital marketing business owner), with the ambition of creating a platform that educates young […]