Tencil Trends: PropTech

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold Property Technology is the use of IT to aid companies and individuals research, buy, sell, and manage property. Examples of PropTech But what forms of tech are used? Virtual reality software can be used to give buyers a virtual tour of […]

Tencil Trends: LegalTech

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold Reportedly valued at $15.9bn globally, and with £61 million invested in it in the UK alone, Legaltech set to turn the traditional legal industry on its head. What is it? Legal Tech refers to the use of technology and software to […]

Tencil Trends: Intro to SEO

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold Overwhelmed by how many abbreviations there are in the digital world? We’re here to help you gather an understanding of them, including SEO and its importance. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) essentially is the process of enhancing a website’s visibility in a […]

Tencil Trends: Organic vs Paid Social Advertising

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold Social media is constantly changing and evolving, and the digital landscape evolves alongside this. To begin with, social was measured by engagement and was centralised around content. Now, however, acquisition and conversions are more valued. Social commerce is also on the […]

Tencil Trends: An Intro to FinTech

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold What exactly is FinTech, what is the future of it, and does it cause more issues than solutions? What is it? FinTech stands for Financial Technology, in other words it’s when finance collaborates with technology for more improved products and processes. […]

Tencil Trends: An Introduction to DMP’s

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold Understand the DSP and SSP aspects of programmatic advertising but unsure as to where user data is collected or even stored? Read on to find out more about DMP’s. What is a DMP? A data management platform (DMP) is a platform […]

Tencil Trends: An Intro to Influencer Marketing

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold Whilst we’re all in lockdown, more and more “influencers” on social media are promoting products. It’s rare that you can go on Instagram and not watch a Story that has product placements or has been #gifted. Influencer marketing, however, doesn’t always […]

Tencil Trends: What are cookies and why do I need to know about them?

BACK TO BASICS SERIES by Francesca Gold Keep seeing the word Cookie in the media but have no idea what it means? Tencil helps explain. What is a cookie? Cookies enable a smooth user journey to ensure a user is targeted with the correct message based on their […]