Tencil Talks: Helena Wikeley

Helena Wikeley is an Account Executive at The Mango Agency.

The Mango Agency creates global, integrated marketing and communications strategies that connect, influence, and inspire. They leverage their international network and local expertise to persuade, convert, and compel. The ideas, access, and opportunities they offer shape brands, drive business and build loyalty.

Today we caught up with her on her career success to date.

Q. How did your time at University prepare you for your current role?

HW: I am not entirely sure that my time at University was integral to my current role, what really prepared me were the internships that I arranged for my summers and actually one I did alongside my studies one term at uni. Learning to write a concise argument is a good base skill to learn for most jobs though.

Q. Do you think that there are enough materials out there to educate a young adult on your role?

HW: I think if you look around for them you may be able to find them but the way you are going to learn on the job.

Q. What advice would you offer a young adult looking to work in travel PR?

HW: If you ever meet someone you think that might be useful to your professional career get their contact details / make sure you make an impression (they are much more likely to reply to an email from someone they know than a random pitch dropped into their inbox).

Q. What’s the best thing about your job?

HW: The opportunity to travel (taking press trips).

Q. What’s your proudest professional accomplishment so far?

HW: I haven’t been at The Mango Agency very long and due to the current pandemic work has been hard so for the moment my proudest accomplishment is my pitches being picked up by various different journalists and run in their magazines. A small win is still a win!

Q. What is your favourite lunchtime spot and why?

HW: Pre-COVID I tended to eat lunch at my desk and then grab a coffee and a walk a little later, there is a nice little park nearby and if the weather is nice I would head there.

However, Apres is a cool little restaurant near work.

Finally, we would like to thank Helena for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with us today, if you like to hear more information on what Tencil has to offer – feel free to reach out to Joel.Williams@tencil.co.uk

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