Tencil Talks: Joy Dean

Joy Dean, is a senior digital technology strategist, with over 13 years’ experience building & supporting brands through ad tech and global publisher relationships.

She was amongst the founding team members for the likes of Exponential and Widespace, coming onboard to launch Ogury’s choice first programmatic arm, and most recently launching Invibes In-feed Advertising in market.

Today we caught up with her on her career success to date.

Q. Talk us through your career success to date?

JD: Wow, there have been so many and not all of them felt like successes at the time. Many of my greatest successes have been born through experiences which have ultimately changed my perspective, my way of working and enhanced my ability to effectively communicate in industry and interpersonally. Critical, bigger picture thinking, in terms of, what success actually looks like to me, not by what has been defined for me as well as refining my goals and focus in getting to them. But in simplistic terms, I would say, moving myself across the world (Cali born) to develop local market strategies for international companies, which as you can imagine, requires a lot of internal re-education as well as external share of mind. Taking companies like Exponential (nee Tribal Fusion) from monetising international inventory out of the USA to one of the largest ad tech network in the UK market during my time, then building out and replicating that success in Spain, France Germany and Italy all while staying true to the wider company ethos. Honing my diplomacy, negotation and tactical skills working across EMEA markets has been a pillar in my success and the foundation upon which everything else has been built.

Q. How did your first professional role differ from your current role?

JD: Oddly enough I’ve come full circle – I started on the supply side of ad technology in the San Francisco, CA at Tribal Fusion after many years working freelance as a visual & costume design artist. I went from either coding and designing website or bringing to life the mental imagery plucked from a creatives head into a 3D world on stage to strategizing how to build long term partnerships with value, trust and loyalty. Everything I have done in my many different lives, career-wise, have all share the same goals; understand what is needed, strategize how to get there with the most efficiency, transparency and ROI… funny how most things can be summed up this way, in digital and outside of it. Digitally speaking, the biggest difference is I started at the very bottom, even though I had successfully run my own business for years. I honestly believe all positions are valuable, educational opportunities. You do not get to be the best at something by skipping steps, it takes tenacity and curiosity. I would always find where I could be most helpful and fill the gaps. Leaders that don’t do, that have not gone through the same learnings, cannot possibility lead with authenticity – which is why I am very grateful for the many twists and turns I have experienced along my way. Now I hover across both sides of the tech landscape in partnerships – this can include supply or demand, agency or brand or media owner – now I focus on finding opportunities for Invibes to share its excellent tech stack and gorgeous user first formats with all areas of the marketplace. Now I’m out of the box!

Q. What is your proudest professional achievement to date?

JD: My greatest achievement and what I’m most proud of is to have always been right in the thick of it all, driving the latest and greatest in innovation and technology. Mobile, when it was the ‘year of’, programmatic, true globalisation and now working with Invibes who has this amazing tech, sexy formats, premium content, and a closed full end to end stack. Established in France 2011, we have strong partnerships with global brands who continue to grow with us across our Europe footprint thanks to our guaranteed outcome business models. We consistently outperform our peers creating publisher & advertiser loyalty through choice and without being reduced to a commodity. I’m very pleased about all of the wonderful companies I have had the chance to help build and establish in market, each has brought me new challenges to overcome and learnings to take with me as I move forward. But there is nothing like launching a new business, in a tough saturated market to keep you buzzin’ and on your toes!

Q. What excites you about digital marketing?

JD: I’m excited by how fast it changes and moves (don’t get me wrong catch me on any particular day and I would say I’m equally frustrated by that ha ha) – but really I’m excited by the opportunity build bridges, to work with so many talented minds, to understand the true growth hacks and bring them to brands. New formats, new ways of connecting and in a meaningful way. I love seeing how much brand messaging is changing in response to our changing social and economic climate. I’m excited that we are at the forefront with digital being a global chain for communication, how we can actually force direct change – yes, there is a lot of money to be made for there is also a lot we have the power to make better in the world. We can work together with brand marketers & innovative thinkers that want to make a difference, increase inclusivity, diversity, to uplift and elevate and simply provide a service. That social power, excites me.

Q. What would you like to see change in digital marketing?

JD: The status quo. Business as usual attitude. Lazy planning. Advertisers who do not take ownership of their resources, whether that be agency relationships or tech. Doing business not because you are the best partner but the cheapest. I want everyone to be held accountable for making marketing better. Putting all your eggs in one basket and then closing your eye to the rest because its less taxing. I know it’s an idealist idea but the truest and most sustainable form of growth is through trial and error, fail fast but take chances. I guess that’s the creative in me.

Q. Do you think enough material exists to educate young adults about digital marketing?

JD: OK. I think this a tricky one. Depending on your social status you will have access to a copious amount of information about opportunities that exist in digital, you will also have the exposure to know to ask the questions and/or where to go to find in roads. However, you look to at risk or lesser developed areas and no not only do they not have the educational materials, they do not have the access information or connections to begin ask for help. When I speak about diversity, I am not only talking about gender or race, I am speaking of education level, social and cultural access – these areas are typically missed in the diversity wars. Anything that exposes our youth, ALL our youth, to career opportunities, the plethora of transferrable skills set they can develop and to move more easily through society the better off we be as a digital community.

Q. (Funny) What is your favourite lunchtime spot and why?

JD: The roof terrace of my holiday rental in the Algarves, because I can see the sea but you can’t see me.

Finally, we would like to thank Joy for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk with us today.

If you are interested in hearing about opportunities that exist in Digital Marketing, feel free to email Joel.Williams@tencil.co.uk

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