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The Trade Desk is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising around the world. Founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, The Trade Desk offers a self-service technology platform to manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns. Buyers can create highly personalized ad experiences across various channels, including display, native, video, audio, and social, and on a multitude of devices, including computers, mobile, and TV.

Tencil has recently partnered with The Trade Desk and will be sharing The Trade Desk Edge training with an untapped audience.

The partnership means that young adults will be able to access bespoke learning materials about The Trade Desk via the Tencil app.

Today we caught up with Drew West the General Manager of Global Academic Partnerships at The Trade Desk.

Q. What exactly is The Trade Desk Edge?

DW: The Edge Academy is a programmatic advertising training and certification series designed to build professional confidence, drive real business outcomes, and advance the careers of data-driven marketers around the world. From the fundamentals to advanced concepts, our results-driven, online curriculum features self-paced video courses, industry knowledge, and thought leadership from some of the founding members of programmatic.

Launched by The Trade Desk in 2013, the Edge was born out of a vision to create an open, more relevant advertising ecosystem by providing digital marketers with the concepts, language, and skills needed to navigate the complex programmatic landscape.

See – The Trade Desk EDGE Certification program course guide. 

Q. What are The Trade Desk Edge’s current strategies on reaching young adults still in schools?

DW: The Trade Desk has established an Academic Partnerships Program to engage institutions and faculty with a goal of bringing the latest in AdTech to the classroom.  The rapid growth and evolution of the Programmatic AdTech industry necessitates this partnership to enable educators as they present cutting-edge topic to young adults.  Edge Academy provides an engaging, immersive, and self-paced learning environment regardless of your level of programmatic expertise.

We focus on a five-win strategy…

Students win as they gain cutting-edge industry knowledge and an industry-recognized certification, which differentiates them in the competitive job market.  Additionally, certificate earners are granted access to the Gartner Talent Neuron job database, which aggregates curated AdTech position openings over 25,000 job posting sites globally.

Educators and Institutions win as they upgrade their advertising curriculum and differentiate their program outcomes of student success as they transition into careers.

The communities where The Trade Desk has a workforce presence win through the direct and indirect, high quality, and rewarding employment opportunity growth within their respective AdTech employers.

With the explosive growth of the AdTech industry, these companies win through an expanded pool of better prepared and qualified candidates.

The Trade Desk wins through our ability to attract the finest candidates and future leaders in the Programmatic AdTech industry.

Q. What advice would you give to a young adult who is looking to know more about The Trade Desk?

In addition to studying The Trade Desk website (www.thetradedesk.com), clearly there is value in completing a certification course from The Trade Desk EDGE Academy.  At a minimum, I recommend completing the EDGE Marketing Foundations certification course.   This specific course provides an outstanding overview of the Programmatic AdTech industry, the participants, and how programmatic works.  This is a terrific starting place for anyone interested in understanding this new programmatic advertising marketplace.

Another recommendation would be to follow The Trade Desk on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-trade-desk/). This is a reliable way to stay abreast of the latest news and developments about the company.

For those interested in employment positions at The Trade Desk, visit https://www.thetradedesk.com/careers periodically.  The Trade Desk is growing very rapidly, and we are hiring.  These positions change frequently as positions are filled and new positions are opened, so consider visiting periodically.

About The Trade Desk – Media for Humankind (https://youtu.be/-3ZzUqj4RW0)

Q. What are the benefits of the Tencil partnership to The Trade Desk?

DW: We believe that providing access to The Trade Desk EDGE Academy certification program through Tencil provides clear value and benefit to Tencil and its student users.

The benefit to The Trade Desk comes through the aggregated/facilitated access to our programs – to prepare students for future success in the Programmatic AdTech industry…some of which will find their way to become employees at The Trade Desk, or our industry partners.

Q. Describe the app – are you satisfied with it?

DW: The Tencil application looks terrific.  By bringing tools and resources together students can much more easily acquire new skills and knowledge.  In the digital economy – and the new normal due to COVID-19, this ability to constantly re-tool and upskill can be the difference in achieving career satisfaction and success.

Q. What is your favourite restaurant and why?

DW: Ha!  My favourite restaurant is Playground 2.0, located in Santa Ana, California.  This is a place I only go for special events and celebrations.  Playground 2.0 restaurant hosts a culinary theatre next to the Playground restaurant and hosts a wide-ranging and constantly changing dinner celebrations.  I have experiences some of the most memorable food experiences at Playground 2.0, over the past 5 years.  I cannot wait to get back there again to celebrate with family and friends…post COVID-19.

Finally, we would like to thank The Trade Desk for their partnership with Tencil and Drew for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with us today.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved with Tencil feel free to reach out to Joel.Williams@tencil.co.uk

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