Tencil Talks: Rob Chen

Rob Chen is an Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry currently Sales Team Leader at Fidelity Payment.

Fidelity Payment makes your payment processing simple. They find the best deals with payment solutions tailored for your transaction needs.

Today we caught up with Rob on his career success to date.

Q. How did your time at University prepare you for your current role?

RC: Uni was a great experience from start to finish. Not only furthering my studies and specialising in a subject that was of interest to me, but picking up valuable life lessons on the way. The degree itself, in all honesty, hasn’t had a direct impact on the role but more the contacts I have made and the life skills gained. These include presenting, socialising, and learning to put the contacts I have made to effective use.

Q. Do you think that there are enough materials out there to educate a young adult on your role?

RC: Not at all, we should definitely be seeing more information surrounding new roles and industries. Coming out of university it is hard to figure out what role you want to do and in what industry. They estimate that you need 5 career changes before you find what you actually want to do? Could this be shortened with extra resources?

Q. What advice would you offer a young adult looking to work at Fidelity?

RC: Energy and focus. In order to make a good salesperson you need to be switched on, able to listen, and keep focused. It’s very easy to be distracted but those deals won’t close themselves.

Q. What’s the best thing about your job?

RC: The money and autonomy. We operate on an uncapped commission structure with the ability to run our own desk.

Q. What’s your proudest professional accomplishment so far?

RC: Working my way up from a BDM to senior BDM to now running a sales team of up to 10 people.

Q. What is your favourite lunchtime spot?

RC: Nandos. Spot on every time.

Finally, we would like to thank Rob for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with us today, if you would like to hear more on opportunities Tencil has to offer, feel free to reach out to Joel.Williams@tencil.co.uk

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