Tencil Trends: Intro to SEO


Overwhelmed by how many abbreviations there are in the digital world? We’re here to help you gather an understanding of them, including SEO and its importance.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) essentially is the process of enhancing a website’s visibility in a search engine unpaid results. It’s important to be familiar with this as it can help create more relevant traffic, leads and sales to your brand or product.

There are over 1 million search a day, with 75% of these being through google. When you search a product on a search engine, such as google or bing, the primary suggestions will be based on what the search engine considers most relevant to you. This will include videos, images, local listings and sites. It’s important for advertisers to have an understanding to this search as it is the result of free or organic traffic

So how do these search engines provide a user with the top information? Google is looking for pages that contain high-quality, relevant information to the users. This is determined by google crawling your websites content and valuating in their algorithm if this content is relevant, based on the keywords it contains.

For brands and advertisers this is important. if your page is engaging your bounce rate will be low, or does the user leave your site soon as they land on it? Landing page and “mobile friendliness” are also essential factors to consider. Finally, do you provide unique content that is duplicated or low-value? These are key things to consider in your SEO process.

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