Tencil Talks: Flynn Blackie

Flynn Blackie is the Founder of MOD Digital.

For nearly 2 years, the 17-year-old entrepreneur helps businesses to get more customers through Paid Ads & Website Funnels.

Today we caught up with him on his career success to date.

Q. What made you start MOD Digital?

FB: MOD Digital started as a side Hustle, a small project I was running for extra money whilst I was studying at high school. But before long I had built up a small portfolio of friends and family and I quickly started to obtain real clients of my own. Then, in June 2019 I was faced with the biggest decision I’ve had to make. To stay at school and continue running this as a side project? Or to use my new momentum to take this business to the next level?  Of course, I went with the latter, and I have never looked back since.

Q. Did you consider University as an option / are you still considering going to University?

FB: University was never a consideration of mine, from a young age, I always knew I wanted to run a business, and I always believed that University would only delay that. Elon Musk made a statement in 2018 that has lived with me ever since he said “Don’t confuse schooling with education. I didn’t go to Harvard but the people that work for me did.”

Q. Talk us through your career success to date?

FB: When I started MOD Digital, and started trying to land retainer clients, I was beefing up my packages with nonsense additions & upsells, in the hopes of landing a higher ticket client. I was working as a Jack Of All Trades, But A Master Of None. Then I changed everything. I looked at what was actually bringing my client’s value, what was actually generating money for their businesses, what I did best. Then I removed everything else. The moment I made this change, my business grew exponentially. My clients started seeing much better results, I started getting more word of mouth references, more testimonials, and more successful case studies. This allowed me to charge a higher price for my services whilst generating more return on investment for my clients. A win for everyone.

Q. What is your proudest professional achievement to date?

FB: My proudest professional achievement? Probably when I landed a multi-millionaire construction Tycoon as a paying monthly client. Having such a high profile putting their faith in me gave me a huge boost in confidence and helped me to understand that, just because one person has shot you down it doesn’t mean the rest will. If I’m not for you, so be it. I’ll find someone who is for me.

Q. What advice would you offer a young adult your age looking to enter the industry?

FB: You need to be proactive in reaching out to people. The fastest way to get what you want is by getting to know people who already have it. And definitely don’t fall under the illusion that your young age is a bad thing. Being so young is an advantage and people like people who work hard. When reaching out to people and trying to build new relationships, take it one step further by showing people how their work has directly influenced you. If you get specific, it shows people you truly want to learn. The right people, no matter how busy, I’ve learned, will make time for you if you show a sincere interest in them.

Q. What would you like to see change in digital marketing?

FB: I’d like to see digital marketing introduced as its own subject in schools. Right now marketing as a whole is simply a subsection in business education. Even though the skills are so sought after and so important, digital marketing is still being ignored and that needs to change.

Q. Do you think enough material exists to educate young adults about digital marketing?

FB: Definitely, there is so much free information available across the internet that anybody can find and use. The internet is a land of opportunity and education with an endless supply of knowledge, you just need to put the effort in to find it.

Q. (Funny) What is your favourite lunchtime spot and why?

FB: Has to be Relish Deli, that place has the best sandwiches and wraps – Pesto Chicken, Bacon, Haloumi, and Rocket is my weapon of choice.

Finally, we would like to thank Flynn for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with us today.

If you are interested in hearing about opportunities that exist in Digital Marketing, feel free to email Joel.Williams@tencil.co.uk

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  1. An inspirational read for all, not just the young but I’m sure everyone can learn something from this young man.

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