Tencil Talks: Ben Cudmore

Ben Cudmore is a Business Development Executive at The Trade Desk. 

Ben has 6 years experience of working within the Digital Marketing sector with Digiteka, YOC, NewsUK, and most recently The Trade Desk. 

Having graduated from the University of Wales, Cardiff in 2014, earlier today we caught up with him on his professional achievements to date. 

Q. How did your time at University prepare you for your current line of work? 

BC: Education-wise it didn’t at all, I went to university to study sports sciences and ended up working in Ad Tech. However, I do believe the social element of the university played a part in developing my interpersonal skills that are so needed within this industry. 

Q. What inspired you  to enter the digital marketing industry? 

BC: I worked for a boutique digtial recruitment agency called Section Media in my final summer break of University. I was recruiting media planner and buyers for one of the biggest agency hold co’s in the world. This opened my eyes to this whole ecosystem that I just never realised existed. When I previously thought of media it was just people filming a TV ad or designing a billboard/Newspaper ad, I was totally unaware of all the links in the chain from an advertiser serving an impression to it appearing on their target audience desired device. Once I realised all of the avenues your career could take from Agency, Client side, Publisher and Ad Tech I just thought this was an amazing industry to build a career in. 

BC: I now see digital marketing as such an integral part of any company’s overall strategy to success which has really raised the profile of our industry. The Trade Desk being an omnichannel DSP has given me the chance to broaden my knowledge across all channels that are bought digitally which makes every day challenging but super interesting. CTV and DOOH are two channels I am super excited about for the year ahead and it’s been great to build my knowledge in these channels. 

Q. What is your proudest professional achievement to date? 

BC: Landing a job for the leading Ad Tech company in the world The Trade Desk. I mentioned in my answer above about the challenge of learning how to sell multiple channels. When first starting at TTD it was incredibly challenging to adapt to such a fast-moving environment, up until then I had been used to selling one channel at a time so trying to understand an omnichannel platform like TTD required a huge amount of learning and development. 

Q. In three words describe your current role? 

BC: Demanding, Vast and Rewarding 

Q. Do you think there are enough education materials out there to prepare young adults for their first job in digital marketing? 

BC: No, I also don’t think there is just enough information out there on the great career prospects available in digital marketing. I think TTD’s edge academy is a great tool for anyone looking to get into digital marketing but there are other great courses out there that I think the Tencil team is doing such a great job at collating.  

Q. What advice would you give someone looking to enter the digital marketing industry? 

BC: Do it! It gives you so many skills that are highly transferable within digital but also outside the advertising landscape. The ability to take so many different paths in your career in a constantly evolving landscape is just so exciting. 

BC: So many parts of the world are funded by advertising which means it will only continue to get bigger and better. The continued technology advancements are so exciting and I personally am so intrigued to see what digital advertising looks like in 5 & 10 years time.

Q. What is your favourite restaurant and why? 

BC: Favourite restaurant has to Caractre in Notting Hill, truly the best food I have ever experienced. I also attended with one of my favourite clients which always makes it that much better. 

Finally, we would like to thank Ben for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with us today, if you would like to hear more about opportunities that exist in digital marketing – feel free to reach out to joel.williams@tencil.co.uk 

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