Tencil Talks: Josh Tovey

Josh Tovey is an Account Director at Just Premium. 

JustPremium is a leading platform for programmatic rich media. They combine creativity with media and technology to help brands stand out in a competitive

digital environment through unique and impactful cross-screen user experiences. 

Having worked at the likes of OMD, MediaCom, InMobi, Ligatus, and more recently Just Premium, this morning we decided to catch up with Josh on his career success to date. 

Q. Talk us through your professional career to date?

JT: I knew I wanted to go into some form of Media & Marketing Comms so I sent my CV off to all the main media agencies in London after University, I think my story of how I used to highlight the TV Guide with what TV shows I wanted to watch as a kid pretty much landed me my role at OMD UK, and it was no surprise they thought I would fit into the TV Planning & Buying team! 

After a steep learning curve & a couple of years planning and buying campaigns for the likes of McDonald’s & Pepsi, I then continued to move up the ranks in Investment roles at Mediacom over 4 years, gaining knowledge across multiple media channels (Audio, TV, Cinema, Video on Demand), delivering some Award winning campaigns, and also managing large teams. 

Noticing a rise in Programmatic and Digital Media affecting the Video & Audio space, I wanted to future proof myself in the Industry, so I wanted to move to an Ad Tech Media Owner, to both learn more about Digital & Programmatic, but also do more of what I enjoyed most, which is consulting and developing ideas and solutions to Advertisers and Brands. With Digital and Ad Tech changing so much over the last few years this has led me to roles at InMobi focusing on programmatic Mobile In App advertising (on the rise for Brand advertising so watch out here), A short time at Ligatus (Native platform acquired by Outbrain in March 2020) and now to JustPremium, an extremely creative role in the solutions we provide, and a leading programmatic first approach which is so valuable in the current market.  

Q. How does your first professional role differ to your current role? 

JT: My first role was as a TV & Press Planner/Buyer which is a really multi-skilled and challenging role. With both channels it meant learning lots of Industry used systems and terminology (the TVR!) and being able to manage your campaign delivery very closely. But most importantly it massively improved my communication and negotiation skills, speaking on the phone and negotiating TV spots and rates for certain Press Ads got you out of your comfort zone and skilled in communicating with all levels of Executives.

These skills have set me up for my current role in Sales as an AD, being able to develop relationships both on a work and personal level with my partners, negotiate and close campaigns, and have a solid understanding on the planning and delivery process. I often get asked the question of what do I prefer? Agency or Owner side? I can honestly say I love both and for different reasons, Agency side you are part of a large Team which is great for the social side and seeing different parts of the process, whereas Owner side there is a more autonomous approach and managing your own input/output closely, and building your business through relationships and strong work. So a different challenge! 

Q. What excites you about digital marketing? 

JT: I think what excites me most about Digital Marketing is that it is so broad! There is always something new to learn or a new product or Industry update in the market that reflects a new challenge. We have seen SEO, then Social, now Addressable TV, it just keeps evolving and changing, as does the technology around it and how it all works. You can decide to focus in a core area or in turn you can try and go into more broad roles, so getting experience across multiple elements within digital marketing can only be beneficial in the long term. 

Q. Name one thing you would like to see change in digital marketing and why? 

JT: I think there needs to be less clutter in Digital Marketing specifically, especially on websites and seeing numerous Ads, and also slow loading times on web pages. This is really having a negative effect on the user, so I feel more can be done to ensure there is a Consumer Threshold that needs to be adhered to, a bit like The Coalition For Better Ads, but developed even further!

Q. What advice would you offer an outsider who knows little about digital marketing? 

JT: Do as much research as you can – this will help you determine what aspects of Digital Marketing you enjoy the most, or areas that you may need to learn. 

Make the most of online courses that are available, there is lots of free content from the likes of Google Digital Garage or recently The Trade Desk Academy. 

Reach out to people or platforms in the market for advice, start networking early as you never know what can happen from it! 

Q. Do you think that there are enough materials out there to educate young adults about our industry? 

JT. I think there can definitely be more to link the Industry to Schools and even Universities, educating them on what Digital Marketing involves and how many different areas and avenues there are. I know I would have benefited so much from this. From being in the Industry I know there is a lot of material there, but getting that in front of young adults is the key to attracting talent to the Industry, and great that Tencil is looking to correct this! There are also lots of Agency Apprenticeships that are becoming even more prevalent, hiring straight from schools and colleges so it’s great to see this in the Industry. 

Q.Our correspondents have heard rumours that you are a big fan of lunches – but what is your favourite restaurant and why? 

JT. Who isn’t !!?? There are so many, but I’d have to go with the places that I always have the best time – so for a local, cheap eat it would have to be Ciao Bella, (a Mediacom favourite) authentic Italian and live music if you’re lucky. http://ciaobellarestaurant.co.uk/

For a more special occasion I’d have to go for another firm classic – Hawksmoor –  I know I will always look back fondly on drinking one too many Shaky Pete’s & Espresso Martini’s!

Finally, we would like to thank Josh for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with us earlier today. 

If you would like to hear more information on opportunities that exist within digital marketing, then feel free to reach out to Joel.Williams@tencil.co.uk 

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