Tencil Talks: Emily Brown

Emily Brown is a highly talented digital marketing recruitment consultant who specialises in placing candidates at brands and media agencies.

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Having graduated from the University of Essex as a Master of Science in 2018, Emily now works for Ultimate Asset. 

Ultimate Asset are leading specialist recruitment agency servicing sectors that include Digital Media, AdTech, MarTech, Marketing, and Tech / Data & Analytics.

Today we caught up with her on all things digital marketing: 

Q. How did your time at university prepare you for your current position?

EB. Being at 2 different universities, as well as working at my uni for a while, has given me the ability to collaborate and communicate with lots of different types of people.

On a more practical level it gave me the ability to juggle many things at once. Whilst I was doing my full time masters I also had 2 part time jobs and a volunteering role so it definitely got me used to wearing many hats!

And, it must have improved my persuasion skills because I managed to get 40 of my friends up to my university to complete this really intricate visual experiment, so there were many rounds on me at the pub after!

Q. What did you study at university and how does it relate to your current role?

EB. I did my undergraduate degree in Psychology and then moved back to Essex to do my Masters in Cognitive Neuropsychology, so I studied a lot to do with the brain, how it processes information, different disorders and brain injuries.

How it relates to my role is that is very people focused. Advertising and marketing only work if the audience is properly understood, which is what I did in my degree!

In terms of recruitment, a part of it which I love is that I get to talk to a lot of different people. I think I’ve always been interested in people (and a massive chatterbox) which was good for my degree and my role now.

Q.Do you think there is enough material out there that educates young people on digital marketing?

EB. I was very lucky that when I joined Ultimate Asset, they armed me with great resources to help me learn everything digital.

I think there are some good resources out there, I am finding that a lot of companies are making their resources free during the current situation. I’ve found great SEO and paid media courses so far.

However, when I think back to my time at school there wasn’t much that covered digital media / marketing. It is always good to have resources to learn more about digital marketing, especially aimed at people who aren’t yet in the industry and want to learn more.

Q.What advice would you give an outsider who is keen to learn more about the industry?

EB. I think what’s great about the industry is that everyone is so passionate about what they do. My advice would be to reach out to people in the industry and ask questions! I am very lucky at UA to be surrounded by people who know so much about the industry and I have learnt the most by asking them questions.

Q.What is your proudest professional achievement to date?

EB. My proudest achievement to date is when I visited the client where I placed my first candidate. She wasn’t in the office, but everyone spoke about how well she is doing, so I think that for me was a proud moment.

Q. What are your plans for the next 5 years?

EB. From a professional standpoint I want to continue to be a trusted partner for the clients that we already work with, as well as developing more relationships within the industry.

Due to my psychology background I would love to partner with companies who focus on behavioural insights and neuromarketing agencies.

From a personal point I want to keep travelling and finally tick the London marathon off my to-do list.

Q. What would be your last lunchtime meal and why?

EB. When I was in Thailand, we got caught in a monsoon and ran into this shady looking restaurant to get out of the rain. It was probably the best food I have ever had so I would go back there!

Finally, we would like to thank Emily for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with us today. 

If you would like to hear more about opportunities within digital marketing, feel free to reach out to Joel.Williams@tencil.co.uk

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