Tencil Talks: Daniel Carroll

Dan Carroll is a 26 year old Account Manager working at OMD EMEA.

Dan leads digital marketing operations for FootLocker and Tourism Ireland out of OMD EMEA’s office in King’s cross.

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Having left Loughborough University, Dan first worked at Bravr Digital Media, followed by ThreePipe and finally OMD EMEA, where he’s worked for the past 18months. Today we caught up with him:

Q. What’s your favourite thing about working in digital marketing?

DC. I love the evolving landscape, with each day being different; one day I could be working on the latest sneaker launch and the following looking at why people travel to Ireland. There is never a boring day in digital marketing.

Q.What sparked the initial interest in digital marketing for you?

DC. I studied computer science at uni, and in my final year I was looking to branch out and try some different modules, one was with the business school and was working with a local business to create a website for them and helping with a marketing strategy. That module lasted the entire of my final year and each week I enjoyed looking at how I could help a local business. Once I left uni, my friend was working in a small local digital marketing agency (Bravr) and they were looking for a PPC exec, so I jumped at the opportunity and have loved it ever since.

Q.Do you think enough is done to educate schools and young adults about digital marketing? 

DC. In school, I hadn’t really thought of a marketing job, with no A-levels based around marketing and business studies not covering the digital landscape I had no idea of the opportunities that were out there. It wasn’t until university I had even thought of a career in digital media. I would say more needs to be done to increase awareness and how people can get into the digital sphere – for example, OMD has a good apprenticeship scheme where you learn within your college and also work at OMD, working with clients worldwide and how marketing theory can work in the real world.

Q.Who is your role model within digital media and why?

DC. My role model is the late Steve Jobs. My role revolves around presentations and telling a story, and Steve Jobs was one of the best in the business. He made sure he learnt every presentation off by heart and kept the audience engaged throughout delivering the companies overall message – if my presentation skills can get up to his level, I should be set for life! 

Q.What advice would you offer someone thinking about entering digital marketing?

DC. Throw yourself into it and get a wide knowledge of the industry in your earlier years. I would say my success came from working for a small (Bravr) and medium sized (Threepipe) agency. In both I was able to work across ppc, seo, paid and organic social, programmatic, and tag management. This enabled me to know a lot about the digital landscape and why we should use each channel, which helps a lot in client meetings. 

Q.What’s your proudest campaign to date?

DC. With Game of Thrones being filmed in Ireland I got to work on a campaign during the final season, considering I hadn’t (and still haven’t) ever watched an episode it was tough to know how much people loved the series. We managed to reach millions of people and create content people loved.

Q.We’ve heard rumours that you are a lunchtime menace, as such can you tell me your favourite restaurant and why? 

Where To Go Instead Of Dishoom After Someone Suggests Dishoom For ...
Dishoom, Covent Garden

DC. I must say I am a fan of Dishoom, great atmosphere with awesome food and drinks, if you have been there a few times you get a special keyring, show this when your bill comes over and you get to roll a dice, land on a 6 and the whole meal is free!

We would like to thank Dan for his time during these strange times.

If you want to hear more about opportunities within Digital Marketing feel free to email Joel.williams@tencil.co.uk.

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