Tencil Trends: COVID 19

The outbreak of the Corona Virus has affected several industries, notably Digital Marketing.

Whilst sources such as eMarketer suggest that total ad spend will still increase by 7% from 2019 – there will certainly be ripple effects across the globe, with several advertisers particularly travel brands already pulling budget.

The ripple effect, particularly from those companies’ that are dependent on China for their supply chain will decrease their investments in Digital Spend as a way of combating economic losses.

As such, it is imperative that advertisers have the best strategies in place to deliver results

Notably, OOH spends are likely to decrease during the period, but social media, video and online gaming are likely to thrive due to the increase in those working from home.

Due to consumers working from home, we anticipate that the following trends will occur in the next few weeks are:

Creativity – Brands need to ensure they are being creative. The use of memorable creatives that lead to heightened engagement and result in greater performance trends.

Data – Brands need to ensure they have the best 1st and 3rd party data strategies that will give them a full 360 understanding of who their customers are, which will help them deliver strong new customer acquisition strategies.  

Social/Native – Brands need to spend their budget efficiently through cost-effective social/native strategies that consistently exceed benchmarks.

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