“Tencil was created with the aim of helping young adults learn more about the digital marketing industry”

Joel Williams, Founder

Tencil was started in early 2020 by Joel Williams, 23. Hailing from Carmarthenshire, West Wales, and having just started his career in London, Joel was inspired by his mother (assistant head-teacher) and his uncle (digital marketing business owner), with the ambition of creating a platform that educates young adults on careers that they simply do not know exist in digital marketing.

Q.Why did you start Tencil?

JW. Growing up in West Wales I had no idea of the digital marketing world, or the career choices that were open to young people in this thriving industry. I was lucky to be introduced to it by a family member and after working in the industry for a few years now I can see that there’s a real lack of diversity. Too many people have the same education and backgrounds, and that’s a real shame. The London-centric nature of the industry means there’s a lack of diversity from all parts of the UK – and many young people from these parts of the country simply do not know the opportunities open to them. I love the digital marketing world and am grateful for the opportunities it’s afforded me already in my young career – so I wanted to create a unified platform that shares with those who may be just starting out and looking at their career choices.

Q. What will your success be determined by?

JW. Success will be determined by fuelling the digital marketing industry with diverse talent from parts of the UK that are underrepresented.

The workplace needs to reflect the society that we live in, in order to deliver the best results for clients.

Q. Okay, so how are you different?

JW. We offer young adults the opportunity to be educated in the digital marketing industry through a series of Articles, Podcasts, Webinars and Interactive Quizzes.

We plan to act as a mentor for our students throughout their career lifecycle.

Content delivery is powered by the Plasmo app and digital engagement platform, built by Salpo Technologies.

Q. What do you require from your partners?

JW. Tencil onboards your business’ information such as PowerPoint Deck, Case Studies, One-Sheets, Product Case Studies, Webinars and UI Demos for Free.

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Q. What insights are you able to offer your partners and schools?


The Plasmo platform allows us to deep dive into how our users are engaging with our content, allowing us to monitor their training and developments for career pathways.
If you would like to hear more about Tencil, please joel.williams@tencil.co.uk

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To learn more about the Plasmo app and digital engagement platform, visit salpo.com.